2019 SWOCC Elliott State Forest Draft Recreation Plan with Recommendations

"Jerry's Point of View." Southwestern Oregon Community College (SWOCC) F251 Forest Recreation student, Sebastian Bartlett, during the April 23, 2019 Elkhorn Ranch Field Trip to the newly-named "Jerry Phillips Reserve." This was also Phillips' first visit to his namesake Reserve under it's new designation, and he has long-claimed that this is his favorite viewpoint on the Elliott. Photo by fellow SWOCC F251 student, Hunter Black-Priest.

Elliott State Forest Recreation Homepage: http://www.ORWW.org/Elliott_Forest/Recreation/

Citation: Etzwiler, Koby, Sebastian Bartlett, Amelia Harvey, Kainoa Altier, Hunter Black-Priest, Kelsey Morrison, and Gabriella Jones 2019. 2019 SWOCC Elliot State Forest Draft Recreation Plan with Recommendations. Oregon Websites & Watersheds Project, Inc., Philomath, Oregon: 48 pp. [PDF: 5 MB].

Acknowledgements: This report could not have been completed without the assistance and guidance of several knowledgeable individuals and their organizations for classroom presentations, field trip leadership, and personal consultations: Jerry Phillips (ret.), Elliott State Forest Manager; David Gould (ret.), Coos Bay Timber Operators, Inc.; Anne Farrell-Matthews, Southwestern Oregon Community College (SWOCC) Communications Director; Antonio Salgado, Oregon Department of Fish & Wildlife (ODFW) Coos Watershed Salmon & Trout Enhancement (STEP) Program; Randall Rosenberger, Oregon State University (OSU) College of Forestry; Wade Gould, family historian; Sam Schwarz, Elliot Forest Community Action; Joe Stoneburg, Boy Scout Camp Chinook; Melissa Dugan, Boy Scout Camp Chinook; Bob Zybach, Oregon Websites & Watersheds Project, Inc. (ORWW). We are also deeply indebted to the SWOCC student authors of the 2018 Elliott Draft Recreation Plan for providing the initial creation and testing of the educational field trips and basic draft plan formatting.

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Introduction. "The Elliott." By Koby Etzwiler, Sebastian Bartlett, and Amelia Harvey.
Part 1. Roads, Trails, and Sightseeing. By Kainoa Altier and Hunter Black-Priest.

Part 2. Local Forest Recreation Opportunities. By Hunter Black-Priest, Koby Etzwiler, and Kainoa Altier.

Part 3. History, Cultural Resources, and Ethnobotany. By Kelsey Morrison, Sebastian Bartlett, and Kainoa Altier.
Part 4. Fish Habitat, Hatcheries, and Recreational Access. By Gabriella Jones, Amelia Harvey, and Kelsey Morrison.
Part 5. Wildlife Recreation: Hunting, Trapping, and Birdwatching. By Amelia Harvey, Hunter Black-Priest, and Kelsey Morrison.
Part 6. Elliott Forest Recreation Economics. By Sebastian Bartlett, Koby Etzwiler, and Gabriella Jones.
2019. Recommendations: Elliott Recreation Timeline Priorities. By Sebastian Bartlett.
2019. References. These are the books, articles, reports, correspondence, and other materials used by 2019 SWOCC F251 students to combine with their field trip notes and experiences and their consultations with local experts to develop this draft plan and recommendations.
2019. Figures. 28 photographs and a graph illustrate the 2019 draft plan. Photographers include Kainoa Altier (6), Hunter Black-Priest (5), Bob Zybach (3), Jolene Bartlett (2), Sebastian Bartlett (2), Daniel Patton (2), Anonymous, Koby Etzwiler, Anne Farrell-Matthews, Stephen Fitzgerald, Wade Gould, Alex Harvey, and Amelia Harvey.
2019. Maps. 10 maps are included in the 2019 draft report, including two annotated maps from the 2018 draft plan, an ODF State Forests map, an ODF annotated 2011 subbasin planning map, an ODFW Tioga Hunting unit map, and four original AllTrails App maps by Koby Etzwiler.
Appendix A. Animals: Native and Exotic Mammals of the Elliott. By Daniel Patton, Tara Boyd, and Matthew Smith
Appendix B. Birds: Native and Exotic Birds of the Elliott. By Daniel Patton, Tara Boyd, and Matthew Smith
Appendix C. 2019 Elliott Field Trips By Koby Etzwiler, Kelsey Morrison, and Kainoa Altier. The six F251 Field Trips in 2018 were reduced to five Field Trips in 2019. Koby Etzwiler reviewed each trip after conferring with other students, and mapped four of the trips using the online AllTrails App on his phone.

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