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Elkhorn Ranch Field Trip

Southwestern Oregon Community College (SWOCC) spring term 2018 Forest Recreation students follow tour guide David Gould through fallen old-growth at Silver Creek Heritage Grove. Photo taken April 17, 2018 by Anne Farrell-Matthews, SWOCC photographer.

This introductory field trip focuses on the fire and reforestation history of the Elliott and visible adjacent Weyerhaeuser forestlands, and on the pre-WW I human history of the West Fork Millicoma River -- in the heart of the Elliott -- dating to settlement and documentation by the Gould and McClay families in the 1880s. Photographs dated 2017 are by Bob Zybach, documenting an oral history interview with Jerry Phillips and David Gould; photos dated 2018, documenting the SWOCC Forest Recreation field trip, are by Anne Farrell-Matthews, SWOCC staff photographer. Two versions of the Elkhorn Ranch Field Trip Handout are available: a 2018 PDF File: 10 pp. with active links and that can be directly printed; and a 2018 Word File: 10 pp. also with active links, and that can be edited and modified for future educational field trips. A slightly updated handout was developed for the April 23, 2019 SWOCC Field Trip, but it is almost identical to the 2018 handout, so is only available as a 2019 PDF File: 11 pp.

Historical Gould/McClay family photographs can be found here: http://www.orww.org/Elliott_Forest/History/Gould/Photographs.html

Historical photos from the Jerry Phillips Collection can be found here: http://www.orww.org/Elliott_Forest/History/Phillips/Photographs.html

2018 Itinerary and Readings Handout 2018 ORWW Field Trip Map Sullivan Ridge Old-Growth Stob Photo Opportunity First Stop
Seasonal Hunting Campground West Fork Millicoma River April 17, 2018 West Fork Millicoma River November 8, 2017 West Fork Fishing & Hunting Camp 2017 Road To Elkhorn Ranch 2017

Mudrunners Camp April 17, 2018

West Fork Millicoma River April 17 , 2018

Elkhorn Ranch River Crossing 2018 Elkhorn Ranch Orchard, ca. 1886 Elkhorn Ranch House 1896
Gould-McClay Family Elkhorn Ranch, ca. 1886 Elkhorn Ranch Orchard November 8, 2017 Elkhorn Ranch Orchard November 8, 2017 Elkhorn Bridge, Built 1896 Elkhorn Bridge Site November 8, 2017
Elkhorn Bridge Site April 17, 2018 Big, Limby Tree Time To Go On The Road Road Clearing
Road Clearing 2 Road Clearing 3

Road Clearing 4

Bow Saw Time Historical Sign
"Jerry Phillips' Private Reserve" Fire History Forest History Into The Woods Windfall Walkway
Forest Recreation Audience Teamwork Closing Time Jerry's Viewpoint October 10, 2017
Indian Trail Spring October 2017 North Marlow Ridge Clearcut 1961 North Marlow Ridge Clearcut 2017 North Marlow Ridge Clearcut 2018 Marlow Creek Road 2018
Marlow Creek Channel Cut 2017 Buehner Logging Camp, ca. 1917 Buehner Logging Camp, 2017 2019 Itinerary and Readings Handout Bob Jacobson Fishing Camp April 23, 2019
Road To Elkhorn Ranch 2019 Jerry Phillips Reserve, April 23, 2019 Fallen Old-Growth Jerry Phillips Reserve Jerry's Point of View 2019 Kai's Point of View 2019
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