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 2020 Western Oregon Forest Fire History, 1765 to 2020 This is an updating, reorganization, and expansion of 2004; 2005; 2007; 2008; 2009; and 2016 Draft ORWW educational projects. More than 60 major western Oregon historical wildfire events have been profiled from these projects and reorganized chronologically by county. Baseline research methods for these profiles were established by Dr. Zybach's 2003 PhD disertation, The Great Fires of the Oregon Coast Range.
 2020 Western Oregon Osborne Photos, 1932-1940 This is an updating, reorganization, and expansion of 2004; 2006; 2007; and 2010 ORWW educational projects, including much of the 2010 Upper South Umpqua Project. Osborne photos have been collected from 1930s fire lookouts for these projects and been updated and reorganized by county, with the additions of Benton, Lane, Lincoln, and Polk counties. Dr. Zybach's 2020 article on the Osbornes Project is here: Oregon Fish & Wildlife Journal.



Wayne Giesy Receives National SAF Award Wayne Giesy displays Oregon Society of American Foresters (SAF) April 2013 Honorary Membership certificate for lifetime achievement in forestry. Wayne co-founded ORWW in December 1996 and worked tirelessly supporting and promoting its mission until his passing in July, which was reported on the front page of the Corvallis Gazette-Times. Here is his 2013 SAF biography. Here are articles by Dr. Bob Zybach for Oregon Fish & Wildlife Journal and by Jim Petersen for Evergreen Magazine.
2018 Elliott State Forest Recreation This website was launched May 26, 2018 to provide educational field trips for Instructor Tasha Livingstone's spring term 2018 F 251 Forest Recreation class at Southwestern Oregon Community College (SWOCC). Students developed a 2018 Draft Recreation Plan for the Elliott Forest based on Six Educational Field Trips hosted by knowledgeable local experts. Spring term 2019 F 251 class refined the earlier work with their 2019 Draft Recreation Plan. Spring term 2020 F 251 was limited to "distance learning" and "virtual" field trips  due to the pandemic. The student report on Elliott Roads and Trails is now being edited for online publication.  
2017 Henry P. Hanson Publications, 1938-1967 This website was launched by ORWW on March 6, 2017, following a major upgrade and migration of files from NW Maps Co., where it had been initially launched August 3, 2002. This "hypertext index" (2002 lingo) is now linked to 40 new PDF files of Dr. Hansen's work -- primarily in the Pacific Northwest -- written from 1938 through 1967. Two of these files have never been published before: the other 38 contain all of Dr. Hansen's major works on paleoecology, geochronology, climate change, palynology, forest migration, and formal education.
2017 Elliott State Educational Forest This website was launched February 16, 2017 in support of the "Giesy Plan Alternative" research proposal for management of the Elliott State Forest. This action followed the public February 14, 2017 Oregon State Lands Board (OSLB) meeting in which the Elliott's sale had been approved to a private business (Video: 190 min./1.7 GB). Subsequent OSLB meetings reversed this decision and the Forest now remains in public ownership and with the Giesy Plan proposal on hold. As a result, the design of this website has narrowed its focus to highlight educational opportunities provided by the Elliott in order to expand local and public awareness of Oregon's "First State Forest."
2017 ORWW PEAS Project 20th Anniversary! The PEAS (Philomath, Eddyville, Alsea, and Siletz Schools) Project was the first educational website created by ORWW. It was launched January 15, 1997 and ORWW has grown steadily ever since. The year 2017 marks 20 consecutive years for the www.ORWW.org website being continuously online: likely the oldest independent educational website in existence -- and thus, in history!
2015 Camas Colors Project Were aesthetic qualities of camas blossom colors a factor in establishment and/or maintenance of camas fields by precontact western Oregon Indian communities? Field research is based on observation that distinctive colors of camas blossoms appear to closely correlate geographically with early historical Indian communities in the Willamette and Umpqua river valleys.
2015 1992 Alberta Street Project Revisited The 1992 Alberta Street Report in N/NE Portland was the focus of historical research by Portland African American High Schools students in 1992. Research methods and recommendations were replicated and updated to the 2015 Alberta Street Report. Community outreach methods and social network etiquette were developed with the 2015 Alberta Street Facebook Page.
2013 Coquelle Trails Project Online This project originally started in 2006 by Coquelle Chief Don Ivy to investigate and publish a “cultural geography” of the Coquille Indian Tribe: a description of the physical landscape and geographic area occupied or used by Ancestors of modern Coquille Tribe prior to -- and at time of -- earliest contacts with Europeans and Euro-Americans, 1826 through 1875. The January 7, 2013 formal website launch included links to the two-volume project report by Zybach and Ivy.
2009 Owl Ridge Trails Oregon Heritage Excellence Award Oregon Heritage Excellence Award, given by Oregon Heritage Commission (OHC) in Portland, Oregon, April 17, 2009. Award accepted by Dr. Bob Zybach on behalf of ORWW & Confederated Tribes of Grand Ronde. Award presented by George Kramer, OHC Chair, and "Oregon First Lady," Mary Oberst, for 2008 ORWW Owl Ridge Trails Report.
2008 ORWWmedia YouTube Channel The ORWWmedia YouTube Channel was launched January 16, 2008 by ORWW. It currently contains about 40 ORWW educational video clips, some made with or by Oregon school students, that focus on Oregon's natural and cultural resources. As of July 2018, ORWWMedia had more than 126,000 views and still gets more than 1,000 views some months despite being largely inactive for several years.
2006 Kalapuya-Amin Symposium This website chronicles a three-day symposium regarding the land management and resource use technologies of Kalapuya people in the Willamette Valley, Oregon from 1450 through 1750 and in early historical time. A Proceedings was never published as intended, but a comprehensive anthology focused on Kalapuyan history and culture in western Oregon is currently being prepared by four symposium principals.
2004 B&B Complex Report

The B&B Wildfire Complex Report website was constructed for several purposes, including: use of emerging technology for public outreach & education; systematic documentation of landscape-scale disturbance patterns; designing and developing a long-term public monitoring framework. Time and resources didn't allow for complete digital photo grid coverage, but the foundation has been established to conduct a comprehensive Repeat Photography project at any time.

2002 Benton County Swimming Holes This is a comparative analysis, taken three (3) years apart, of popular public swimming locations on the Long Tom, Luckiamute, Marys, and Alsea rivers in Benton County, Oregon. Research design, documentation, and analysis were primarily completed by two students from Philomath High School (PHS) under the direction of PHS Science teacher, Jeff Mitchell.
2001 Harney County Cattle Grazing Study

This study established baseline student reports to focus on the economical and ecological benefits and effects of long-term cattle grazing in Harney County, Oregon. The project website was designed to share student findings with the general public and urban peers for purposes of review and identifying local resource management opportunities.

1998 Willamette River Steelhead Project This project provided a framework for Jefferson High School students in Portland to help study, evaluate, monitor, and enhance Multnomah County's andandromous fish populations and river water quality. The transfer of program sponsorship from Willamette Industries to Weyerhaeuser, due to purchase of former by latter, prematurely ended this project.
1997 Classroom on the Siletz River Day This project, a subset of the PEAS Project, became a popular annual event for more than three years: linking Siletz School, local businesses, agencies, landowners, families, teachers, and members of the Siletz Tribe along the river and on the Internet. The pioneering work of these students and teachers continues to be accessed almost daily to the present time.
1996 ORWW Project Creation

ORWW was first conceived and designed in Fall 1996 by representatives of NW Maps Co., Western Oregon Timber Supporters, and New Albion Multimedia in Benton and Lincoln counties, Oregon. Initial funding and support was provided by Hull-Oakes Lumber Co., Starker Forests, Clemens Foundation, and Pioneer Telephone Cooperative.


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