Who We Are

Oregon Websites and Watersheds Project. Inc. (ORWW) is an educational, nonprofit 501 c(3) corporation based in Philomath, Oregon since December 1996. ORWW is funded by private businesses, landowners, individuals, associations, and foundations with an interest in the long-term use and scientific management of Oregon's natural and cultural resources. The goals and objectives of ORWW, a brief organizational history, and a list of current board members can be found here.

Our Mission

Oregon Websites and Watersheds Project, Inc. shows students how to use Internet communications and scientific methodology to help manage Oregon's natural and cultural resources. Students are encouraged to use computer technology, historical documentation, scientific reasoning, community outreach, environmental enhancement projects, and effective long-term monitoring strategies to help make decisions which affect Oregon's quality of life.

ORWW Projects

Coquelle Trails 2013



Coming Summer 2015: Alberta Street Project Revisited!

Wayne Giesy Receives 2013 National Society Of American Foresters Award

January 7, 2013 Press Release: Coquelle Trails Online

ORWW Winner of 2009 Oregon Heritage Excellence Award for Owl Ridge Trails

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