ORWW Elliott State Educational Forest

Map of Elliott State Forest showing "Northern Spotted Owl, Marbled Murrelet . . . Areas of Forest Home . . . valuable habitat . . . where the birds are located." Oregonian/OregonLive: February 15, 2017


The Elliott State Educational Forest proposal was submitted to the Oregon State Land Board (SLB) on behalf of Oregon Websites and Watersheds Project, Inc. (ORWW), Board Member Wayne Giesy, and Program Manager Dr. Bob Zybach during the SLB public meeting on February 14, 2017. This proposal included two maps, two attachments, and a letter of support from Jerry Phillips, former long-time forest manager of the Elliott. Each of these items are linked below. The "Giesy Plan Alternative" research proposal for the Elliott was developed as a potential demonstration of Giesy's long-standing promotion of his "Oregon Plan" for managing USFS and BLM forestlands in Oregon and in other federally-timbered western States.

During the May 9, 2017 OSLB public meeting an updated ORWW proposal by Giesy and Zybach was submitted to the Board. This was the first meeting in SLB's 158-year history that was live-streamed on the Internet and made immediately available on YouTube. Giesy and Zybach's eight-minute panel presentation is from 1:28:00 to 1:36:40 of this historic 3-hour meeting; Secretary of State Dennis Richardson twice references the Giesy and Zybach testimony during his presentation from 1:36:40 to 1:50:00, and David Gould makes a brief statement from 2:43:30 to 2:44:05: www. ORWW.org/Elliott_Forest/References/Agency/OSLB/OSLB_Video_20170509.

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Giesy, Wayne and Bob Zybach 2017. "RE: Elliott State Educational Forest: The Giesy Plan Alternative," Letter submitted to Oregon Land Board, Oregon Websites & Watersheds Project, Inc., Philomath, Oregon. May 9: 6 pages. [PDF_1_MB]

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This proposal has also been described in a series of articles by Dr. Zybach appearing in Oregon Fish and Wildlife Journal during these deliberations, and discussed in a series of radio interviews with Lars Larson and other radio commentators. In part, because of these efforts, the SLB reversed its decision to sell the Elliott Forest to a private company and decided to retain public ownership.

Zybach-Giesy Elliott Forest Subbasins Map Zybach-Giesy Elliott Forest Historic Tribes and Native Coho Runs Map Phillips February 9, 2017 Letter of Support Elkhorn Ranch, 1896, with 1868 Coos Fire Snags
1868 Coos Fire: 1894 Gould Lake Landslide Anderson May 8, 2017 Letter of Support Dysinger undated Letter of Support, submitted May 9, 2017  


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