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Interviews. A series of live radio interviews with Lars Larson (KXL 1190 FM, Portland) and Dr. Bob Zybach regarding the Giesy Plan alternative ("Elliott State Educational Forest") proposal for managing the Elliott State Forest took place from December 12, 2016 through May 11, 2017. A recorded interview with Dr. Mark Anderson (iSpy Radio, Salem) on the same topic was broadcast on May 6, 2017. These interviews were timed to coincide with scheduled December 13, 2016, February 14, 2017, and May 9, 2017 public meeting dates of the Oregon Land Board (OLB): December 12, 2016 Interview[MP3:_11_MB_10:55_min.]; February 16, 2017_Interview [MP3:_8_MB:_7:50_min.]; May 1, 2017 Interview [MP3:_9_MB:_9:15_min.]; May 12, 2017_Interview [MP3:_6_MB_6:17_min.]; July 11, 2017 Interview [MP3:_10_MB: 10:20_min.].

Radio Show Date Time Description MP3
December 12, 2016 10:57 Lars Larson interviews Dr. Bob Zybach on KXL 1190 FM Portland radio regarding potential sale of Elliott State Forest. Focus of discussion is economics & December 13, 2016 meeting of OLB. Elliott is described as second-growth forest required by law to be managed for Common School Fund income; timber value as $600+ million vs. $220 million fixed sale price; ephemeral nature of forest management regulations; 1868 fire history; Columbus Day Storm; marbled murrelets; outline & general description of Giesy Plan alternative. 11_MB
February 16, 2017 7:51 Larson interviews Zybach on KXL 1190 FM regarding February 14, 2017 OLB meeting & decision to continue sale by new Board members. ESA regulations & environmental lawyers identified as basis of losses; political nature of "critical habitat"; Giesy Plan alternative & Jerry Phillips' assessment; 20-year management experiment as demonstration of how federal lands can be managed to better local & regional advantage; 50 mmbf harvest rate/year = 500+ jobs; Governor's call for "innovative approaches" = www.ORWW.org proposal. 8_MB
May 1, 2017 9:16 Larson interviews Zybach on KXL 1190 FM regarding potential sale of Elliott & May 9, 2017 OLB public meeting. Common School Fund ownership of State forests' history as context to the Elliott; Senator Ferrioli & Legislative Economist figures $460+ million over 20 years of Giesy Plan, retained state ownership; "real educational research opportunity" and 500+ jobs; ODF Board without foresters & forest managers is big problem; Linn County suit vs. ODF example. 9_MB
May 6, 2017 15:40 Dr. Mark Anderson interviews Dr. Bob Zybach on iSpyRadio, Salem. Discussion focuses on Giesy Plan Alternative to sale and management of Elliott State Forest. Key points include School Fund income, educational and research opportunities, recreational access; "common sense" approach to Elliott Forest management option w/appeal to attend or comment on public May 9, 2017 Oregon Land Board meeting. 7_MB
May 12, 2017 6:17 Larson interviews Zybach on KXL 1190 FM regarding potential sale of Elliott State Forest & May 9, 2017 OLB meeting. At meeting decision to sell was rescinded by OLB; Forest retained in State ownership, but Governor and Treasurer vote for Bond and federal over-sight; Secretary offers "eight principles" for management; existing laws require profit for School Fund; no new research on spotted owls in 25 years; no old-growth on Forest; Elliott a public research opportunity; Dean Maness and Senator Ferrioli say main problem is litigation. 6_MB
July 11, 2017 10:20

Larson interviews Zybach on KXL 1190 FM regarding steep loss of value and poor management policies of the Oregon Land Board during past 25 years; mystery of $100 million bond in lieu of trust for school children; comparisons to Giesy Plan's 430+ jobs, $460+ million in school revenues, 35,000 acres for ESA birds; surprise at lack of political backing on ideas, but recent ORWW strategy with Wayne Giesy, Jerry Phillips, and David Gould concluded to directly contact local school boards, schools, and politicians to begin public education process.



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