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Classroom on the Siletz River Day

Siletz, Oregon

  Classroom on the Siletz River Day was initially created and sponsored by Oregon Websites and Watershed Project, Inc., working in conjunction with project sponsors, Siletz School, and Oregon State University SMILE ("Science and Math Investigative Learning Experience") Program in September, 1997. Siletz River Day has been featured in newspaper articles, on statewide television news, and in a recent report to Governor Kitzhaber.

  Siletz River Day 2000

    These Siletz School students are sampling the Siletz River fish population on River Day 2000.  Dozens of fish were caught and documented by crews of schoolchildren fishing with their parents, neighbors, and other local experts.  The Classroom on the Siletz River Day project is intended to be a model that can be used by other Oregon schools and communities--perhaps in a series of coordinated single-day events, as with the annual Audubon Society bird count.

  Siletz River Day 1999

    This fish was colored, described in text, and scanned by Siletz second grade students in 1998.  It is part of a report that has been used worldwide.  Internet entries to the students' guestbook have come from Ireland, Canada, Montana, Colorado, and other spots on the globe.  Other River Day 1999 students attended workshops on using statistics for measuring wild plant and animal populations (including fish); fished for native trout, lamprey eels, and steelhead; documented the existence of local seal populations and landslides; measured river water temperatures and sediment levels; visited traditional Siletz Indian fishing sites; took documentary photographs and videos; conducted historical research; and put the results of these activities on the School's PEAS website.

  Siletz River Day 1998

    These Siletz students are learning to use the Internet to help learn about the Siletz River.  The Classroom on the Siletz River Day event was a direct result of the PEAS Project, which focused on Internet communications for sharing local environmental education projects among rural Oregon schools.  River Day 1998 featured a number of May 6 and 7, 1998 events centered at Siletz School and focused on the Siletz River basin.  Activities involved students, teachers, parents, scientists, and resource managers from Siletz, Oregon and surrounding communities.  Presentations and field trips addressed local anadromous fish populations, lanslides, Siletz history and culture, and river water quality.