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Loon Lake Field Trip

Elk with bird feeding on back, Bureau of Land Management Elk Viewing Area, Umpqua River Highway 38, May 15, 2018. Photo by Anne Farrell-Matthews, Southwestern Oregon Community College (SWOCC) staff photographer.

The May 15, 2018 SWOCC Forest Recreation field trip was hosted by Marty Giles and Barbara Taylor, two birding experts affiliated with SWOCC and Wavecrest Discoveries, and by Peggy Croce, manager of Loon Lake Lodge and RV Resort. Topics were birds, road and interpretive signage, history, cultural resources, aesthetics, fish habitat, boating, camping, ethnobotany, hunting, and economics. David Gould and Jerry Phillips also attended and participated. Two versions of the Loon Lake Field Trip Handout are available: a 2018 PDF File: 17 pp. with active links and that can be directly printed; and a 2018 Word File: 17 pp. also with active links, and that can be edited and modified for future educational field trips.

This field trip was replicated on May 21, 2019 by the SWOCC F251 Forest Recreation class, with some slight modifications to adjust for the changed itinerary of the Deans Mountain Field Trip. A thematic adjustment included a continuation and comparison of local campground landscaping and management costs by type of owner: private, federal, state, or county. The same combination of annotated current and historical maps used in 2018 were also used in 2019. The updated field trip handout is here: 2019 PDF File: 18 pp.

2018 Itinerary and Readings Handout 2018 ORWW Field Trip Maps Bird on Willow Bird Watchers Bird on Elk
Bird on Elk 2 Bird Watchers 2 Tasha Lecture Elk Viewing Red-Winged Blackbird
Barbara Lecture Bob Lecture Birds in Flight Swallow Nests Marty Lecture
Jerry Lecture Open Discussion


Opinions Consideration
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