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Deans Mountain Field Trip

April 17, 1933 "Osborne" photograph by Robert Cooper of southwest viewpoint from Deans Mountain Lookout. Ocean and dunes can be seen in the background.

The May 29, 2018 SWOCC Forest Recreation field trip began at the head of tidewater on Mill Creek and focused on the evolution of local transportation from canoe routes and foot trails to and through the Elliott that existed since precontact time, to pack trails, wagon roads, logging roads, and modern highways that exist today. Tour guides were Bob Zybach and David Gould. The photographs taken in 2017 were by Dr. Zybach during the course of a series of oral history interviews with Gould and Jerry Phillips; whose book provided most of the history of the Deans Mountain and Cougar Pass Lookouts for the tour. Field Trip Handout: Two versions of the Deans Mountain Field Trip Handout are available: a PDF File: 17 pp. with active links and that can be directly printed; and a Word File: 17 pp. also with active links, and that can be edited and modified for future educational field trips.

Historical photos from the Jerry Phillips Collection can be found here: http://www.orww.org/Elliott_Forest/History/Phillips/Photographs.html

History of 1933 Deans Mountain Lookout Osborne Photographs: "We Climbed the Highest Mountains" (Arnst 2000)

Itinerary and Readings Tour Map Zybach Indian Trails, ca. 1800 Phillips Historic Trails, 1890-1955 Zybach-Ivy Indian Trails, ca. 1800
Indian Point Ridgeline 2017 Indian Point Access Road 2017 Indian Point 1 October 31, 2017 Indian Point 2 October 31, 2017 Cougar Pass Lookout Tower 1 2017
Cougar Pass Lookout Tower 2 2017 Muddy Spring, 2017 Deans Mountain Lookout, 1917 Deans Mountain Lookout, 1931-1938 Deans Mountain Lookout, 1939-1940
Deans Mountain 1933 North Deans Mountain 1933 Southeast

Deans Mountain 1933 Southwest

Deans Mountain 2017 Southwest Deans Mountain December 6, 2017
Deans Mountain Artifact, 2017 Deans Mountain Human Scale, 2017 Deans Mountain Radio Tower, 2017    

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