Benton County Swimming Holes

Popular Spots, 2002-2005

This listing and photographs are from Sternadel (2002), text by Anderson (2005), and photographs from both sources.

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Alsea Falls Alsea River This is probably the most beautiful site. The water falls are gorgeous and one of the main attractions of this area. Feel free to bring a picnic because there are facilities there for the public.
Avery Park Marys River This site has many uses, if you get tired of swimming, then take a walk through the rose garden or climb on the old train engine; this park is a lot of fun.
Fern Road   Although the site is a little hard to get to, it is worth it. It is a common site for many of the Philomath kids to come swimming, just watch out for submerged sticks.
Fish Hatchery North Fork, Alsea River This is my [Anderson's] favorite site. There is a shallow ledge good for sitting in the water and then it drops off into a really deep pool where the large fish like to hang out. There are often fishermen at the same site. There is great fishing all along the Alsea River.
Long Tom Long Tom River This site has the warmest water, which is better if the day is a little cooler. There is usually always someone swimming here all summer long.
Luckiamute Luckiamute River Located in downtown Kings Valley, the site is a little hard to get to because there are houses around the bridge. Parking on the side of the highway and going under the bridge is the best way to get to the river.
Michael's Landing Willamette River Broken glass is frequent here, so make sure to wear sandals. This is really good site for paddling around in boats or inner tubes. In the late 1800s it was the site of a large sawmill that used the river to transport lumber.
Mill Creek   The rocks are extremely slippery so watch out. This is a really good site for crawdads, and inner tubing.
Wren Marys Rivers Although the shore is a little rocky, it drops off quick into deep, ideal swimming areas. There is limited parking though because of the steep banks on the side of the road.