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Bill Hagenstein, Camp 18, Sunset Highway, Tillamook County, Oregon, May 22, 2003. Videoclip by Mike McMurray.


Position / Area of Expertise
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David Dean

Land Surveyor, Benton County, Oregon

Page: DLC Corner Video

Video: Missing Bearing Tree

Video: Real Time GPS

Video: Original Bearing Tree

Maynard Drawson
Oregon Heritage Tree
Program board member, author


Bill Hagenstein
Industrial Forestry expert

Page: Bill Hagenstein

Page: B&B Complex Tour

Video: The Future

Video: New Policy Needed


Henry P. Hansen

Pioneer Palynologist, OSU Graduate Dean

Frank Kanawha Lake
Ethnobotanist, US Forest Service

Page: Native Plants Tour

Video: Starting A Fire

Video: Licorice Fern

Truman Price
Musician, historian

Page: Popular Oregon Trail Music

Video: Oh, Susannah

Video: Instrumental

Rodney Slattum
Prescribed fire and reforestation
expert, Phoenix Reforestation, Inc

Page: Native Plants Tour

Video: Fire Fuels


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