Elliott State Forest History: Lionel Youst

Lionel Youst. Photograph by Jillian Ward, Bandon "Western World" correspondent of the Coos Bay"The World" newspaper, for her July 31, 2017 profile of Lionel.

The history of the Elliott State Forest has been best told and documented in book form by Jerry Phillips, Aileen Rickard (deceased), and Lionel Youst. Those books have all been generously made available for this website by Phillips and Youst and by David Gould, nephew of Aileen Rickard and a Gould-McClay family historian. In addition to their books, the authors and Gould have also provided dozens of historical maps and photographs, correspondence, family diaries, newspaper articles, editorials, and other historical materials focused on the Elliott and its adjacent lands, families, occupations, businesses, religion, and politics.

The most prolific author and archivist of Coos County history has been Lionel Youst, who has contibuted digitized versions of his books Lost in Coos, Above the Falls, and Sawdust in the Western Woods to this website for purposes of education and research.

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2003. Above the Falls: An Oral and Folk History of Upper Glenn Creek, Coos County, Oregon. Oral histories, maps, and photographs detailing the lives of the families who settled Upper Glenn Creek Valley, above Golden Falls, in Coos County from the late 1800s until they were all gone by the 1950s.

2009. Sawdust in the Western Woods: A Personal, Pictorial, and Primarily Oral History of the Small Sawmill in the Douglas Fir Region, 1926-1956. The story of Lionel Youst's father, George Youst, and his career as a "gyppo sawmill" operator in southwest Washington and northern Coos County, Oregon. Transcriptions, maps, and photographs based on oral history interviews conducted by the author and his father in 1967. 9_MB

2011. Lost in Coos: "Heroic Deeds and Th[r]illing adventures" of Searches and Rescues on Coos River, Coos County, Oregon 1871 to 2000. Twelve well-documented true stories, with maps and photographs, telling of brave, heroic, and fearsome events in the Coos River basin involving lost children and adults and the efforts made by others to find them; seven tales of which occurred in present-day Elliott State Forest.




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