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Selected scenes taken from the video clips on this page.


On Sunday, August 28th, Bob Zybach and Josh Meredith toured sections of the Deer Creek Fire that had been recently contained. The following video clips are arranged thematically to document the baseline effects of this successful fire suppression event.

David Morman, Oregon Department of Forestry (ODF) Public Information Officer, was kind enough to take a few hours of his time to discuss the wildfire and its aftermath. Much of that time was spent on a tour of the fire's perimeter, where he pointed out important details and introduced us to other ODF personnel with knowledge of the fire and its suppression.

In the following video clips Bob discusses the fire and its immediate aftermath with David, Dave Wells (ODF Tillamook District Natural Resources Specialist), Cory Krauss (longtime resident and local landowner), Mike Haasken (ODF Forest Grove District Natural Resources Specialist), Ron Rinehart (local resident), and Neal Bond (ODF Cascade District Stewardship Forester). We thank everyone for their help and for agreeing to be interviewed for this website.


Filename Description
Forest_History.mpg Bob, Dave, David, and landowner Cory discuss local forest history.
Fire_History.mpg David describes the origin and direction of the Deer Creek Fire.
Ladder_Fuels.mpg Mike and Cory discuss the role of ladder fules in the fire.

David, Bob, and Ron discuss the methods and results of "defensible space" around structures affected by the fire.

Access_Roads.mpg David discusses the challenges of moving vehicles and machinery up long, narrow driveways during wildfire.
Air_Support.mpg A helicopter picks up a bucket of water, moves into place, and drops the water over a hot spot.
Damage.mpg A short slide show containing pictures taken during a tour of fire damage near the point of origin..
Fire_Suppression.mpg David, Cory, Ron, and Mike describe suppression methods used on the fire.
Risk_Management.mpg Bob, David, Neal and Cory discuss management options for reducing future wildfire risk.


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