This is just a list of links that I've compiled over my many searches over the web that have some relevancy to this project. I expect that I'll find some more someday and continue to add to this list. What follows is a brief explanation of each site as I have seen them. Most of these links go directly to the site.
This page has a list of watershed resource links including the Endangered Species Act, local, state and national departments or organizations.
This is a list of who to contact for the local watershed groups of Oregon, California, and Washington.
This site has a lot of links to other salmon related sites and contains other relevant information.
The home of the Mary's River Watershed Council, this page has information on upcoming events, projects and other links.
The MidCoast Watersheds Council, this page has some generic information on the Alsea River.
The Long Tom Watershed Council and its events, watershed assessments, watershed information and even more links.
Willamette Restoration Initiative, its plans, events, publications, information, and links.
A page full of links to state and federal organizations and information, other organizations, projects and educational information on watersheds.
Includes information on coast range watersheds and councils and links for Oregon watersheds and salmon information.
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