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Classroom on the Siletz River Day 1999
Siletz River, Oregon
April 28, 1999

"On the Evening News"

    KATU TV Channel 2 from Portland, Oregon, featured Siletz River Day on their Thursday, May 6, 1999 evening newscast.  The segment was shown again the following Saturday as part of the popular wildlife series, "Outdoors with Grant McOmie".  The following jpegs were captured from the newscast video, which presented an excellent overview of the day's activities.  Click on each image for a full-screen view.

  Grant McOmie and his camera operator covered the events of River Day 1999 from start to finish. Grant is seen here, along the Siletz River, with two crews of students learning about the river and its fish.

  Younger Siletz students had the River brought to them.  Second graders examined living invertebrates brought in flasks by a wildlife expert from the local Mid-Coast Watershed Council.

  Siletz Grade School teacher Laura Henderson helps students learn about salmon cycle biology with art and the Internet.  See the Siletz 2nd graders' Salmon Cycle Report on the Siletz River Day 1998 website.

  Forester Marv Rawley of Associated Oregon Loggers has taken crews of Siletz School students to study the evolution of the 1996 Rock Creek Slide during each of the first three Siletz River Day events.  NW Maps Co. videographer Bruce Fraser, to the viewer's left of Marv's outreached arm, has helped students document water quality, landlside volume, and reforestation findings during those years.


  The Confederated Tribes of the Siletz Indians (CTSI) fish hatchery on Rock Creek has been a popular spot for River Day students to learn about anadromous salmon and eels--and to feed young hatchery fish.  CTSI Natural Resource Managers Frank Simmons and Tom Downey have guided students with hatchery tours, lectures, and feeding instructions on River Day.

  Website designer and editor, Woody Jackson of NW Maps Co., helped Siletz MS and Toledo HS students upload River Day data to their Internet website.  The Corvallis Computer Store provided an imac for Woody and his crew to use during the day.

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