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Golden and Silver Falls Field Trip

McKenzie Peters and Brandon Hanner admire Silver Falls near sunset after scaling muddy trail to viewpoint, April 21, 2018. Photograph By Bob Zybach.

The May 22, 2018 Golden and Silver Falls field trip was hosted by Bob Mahaffey, whose family Tree Farm near Allegany was selected as 1988 Tree Farm of the Year for the Western US by the Society of American Foresters: a major national recognition of outstanding forest management. The field trip included discussion -- and brief stops -- at Rooke-Higgins County Park, the seasonal Mahaffy Ranch Pumpkin Patch, the Mahaffy Tree Farm plantation on Glenn Creek, Nesika County Park, and Lockhart Bridge, with its interesting splash dam and land ownership history. Short hikes through old-growth trees to each of the Falls completed the field trip. David Gould and former Coos County Commissioner Gordon Ross, both descendants of pioneer Coos County families, assisted as knowledgeable field guides. Two versions of the Golden and Silver Falls Field Trip Handout are available: a 2018 PDF File: 9 pp.

The May 28, 2019 SWOCC Field Trip featured a slightly altered itinerary that allowed for extra time for hiking at Golden and Silver Falls State Park. This trip was documented with photographs by SWOCC staff photographer, Anne Matthews, with the 23 numbered photos below. Here is the updated 2019 field trip handout: 2019_PDF_File: 9 pp.

Silver Falls GIF (looping), McKenzie Peters, NW Maps Co., April 21, 2018: http://www.orww.org/Elliott_Forest/Recreation/Golden-Silver_Falls/Peters_20180421_161411.gif

Silver Falls Video (4 sec.), McKenzie Peters, NW Maps Co., April 21, 2018: http://www.orww.org/Elliott_Forest/Recreation/Golden-Silver_Falls/Peters_20180421_161411.mp4

2018 Itinerary and Readings Handout 2018 ORWW Field Trips Map Rooke-Higgins Park - Mahaffy Ranch Pumpkin Patch East Fork Millicoma Splash Dams 1965 History of State Parks
Upper Glenn Creek Valley, 1880-1959 Golden Falls Postcard, Front and Back, ca. 1930 Two Silver Falls Postcards, ca. 1930 Detail from Silver Falls Postcard, ca. 1930 Silver Falls, April 21, 2018
2019 Itinerary and Readings Handout 2019 Etzwiler Tour Route Map 2019-01 Silver Creek Crossing 2019-02 Silver Falls Trail 2019-03 Old-Growth
2019-04 Silver Falls 2019-05 Silver Falls 2019-06 Large Tree 2019-07 Silver Falls 2019-08 Old Road
2019-09 Old Road 2019-10 Old Road 2019-11 Old Road 2019-12 Old Road 2019-13 Old Road
2019-14 Viewpoint 2019-15 Old Road 2019-16 Carved Rock 2019-17 Thimble Berries 2019-18 Thimble Berries
2019-19 Oregon Flags 2019-20 Trillium 2019-21 Bleeding Hearts 2019-22 Yellow Violet 2019-23 Golden Falls
Silver Falls Etzwiler_20190528 Silver Falls Altier_20190528 2019 Etzwiler Field Trip Review    

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