2018 SWOCC Elliott State Forest Draft Recreation Plan


Silver Falls, Early Evening, April 21, 2018. Photograph by McKenzie Peters, NW Maps Co. [GIF: 13 MB] [MP4: 10 MB]

Citation: Amy Kronsberg, Tara Boyd, Maggie Boone, Cole Smith, Daniel Patton, Carter Carr, Matthew Hofenbridl, Maxwell Richcreek, Matthew Smith, Abigail Richards, Cody Harkins, and Scott Guthrie 2018. 2018 Draft Elliot State Forest Recreation Plan. Oregon Websites & Watersheds Project, Inc., Philomath, Oregon: 65 pp. [PDF: 7 MB].

Front Cover: "Two Old-Growth" Authors' Page: West Fork Millicoma River 1.1. Elliott Roads and Trails 2.1. Elliott Forest Recreation Area 3.1. Elliott Recreation Area Camping
4.1. Silver Creek Heritage Grove 5.1. Silver Creek Heritage Grove 5.2. Elliott Forest Scenic Vistas 5.3. Elliott Recreation Area Waterfalls 5.4. Elliott Recreation Area Wildlife Viewing
6.1. Cougar Pass Fire Lookout 7.1. Millicoma Fish Hatchery 7.2. Tenmile Lakes Coho Escapements, 1948-2002 8.1. Max Richcreek With Steelhead 9.1. Two Barn Swallows
9.2. Red-Winged Blackbird 10.1. 890-Pound Elk, 1941 11.1. Ripe Huckleberries, Huckleberry Point, 2017 12.1. Elliott Forest Timber Sale Volumes, 1955-2014  


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