Jerry Phillips: Maps

Phillips' ca. 1989 Map of the 1868 Coos Fire in conjunction with the future boundaries of the Elliott State Forest is well known among Oregon forest and wildfire historians and has been copied and duplicated in a number of publications: including his book, newspaper and magazine articles, government documents, student theses and reports, and presented in numerous public forums discussing these topics.

Jerry Phillips' definitive history of the Elliott State Forest, Caulked Boots and Cheese Sandwiches, tells the story of the Elliott beginning with its fire history in the 1700s and 1800s, focusing on its creation in 1930, and continuing through 1996 -- seven years after Phillips' retirement and coincidental to the book's publication. In addition to the detailed narrative describing the formation and management of "Oregon's First State Forest," the 414-page book is filled with historical photographs, official records and news accounts, and a number of original maps; most of which are linked below. In addition to the maps from his history of the Elliott, Phillips has also provided copies of historical maps from his private collection and continues to create new maps to the present time that are also being added to these selections as they are scanned and become available.

1868 Coos Fire/Elliott State Forest (Phillips 1998: 7)

Historic Foot Trails (Phillips 1998: 18)

Elliott Map, ca. 1930: JPEG-10 (Phillips Collection) Elliott Map, ca. 1930: PDF-39 (Phillips Collection) Elliott Forest. 1935 (Phillips 1998: 13)
Historic Buildings (Phillips 1998: 373) CCC Camps, 1933-1941 (Phillips 1998: 70)

Elliott Telephone Lines, 1930-1950 (Phillips 1998: 93)

Elliott Old-Growth, 1955 (Phillips 1998: 182) Columbus Day Storm, 1962 (Phillips 1998: 248)
Fish Creek Sale No. 1, 1962 (Phillips 1998: 259)

Elliott State Forest, 1966 (Phillips 1998: 291)

Heritage Grove/1972 Ortho-Photo (Phillips 2018) Heritage Grove/1955 Veg Types (Phillips 2018) Elliott Age Classes, 1993 (Phillips 1998: 365)
Elliott Land Transfer History (Phillips 1998: 409)

Elliott Acreage Sales, 1958-1978 (Phillips 1998: 318)

Elliott Harvested Log Volumes, 1972-1995 (Phillips 1998: 343)

Elliott State Forest, June 1989 (Phillips 1998: 353) Habitat Conservation Plan Areas, ca. 1995 (Phillips 1998: 362)

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