Key People

Bill Hagenstein and others at Round Lake, September 15, 2004 (Morrissette 2004). Jerry Franklin listens to presentation from Deschutes National Forest personnel, Link Creek subbasin, June 30, 2004 (Pajutee 2004).

This webpage profiles key scientists, resource managers, political activists, politicians, and others with a vested interest in the B&B Complex. Profiles will be limited so far as biographical information is concerned. The content will focus mostly on the personal observations, ideas, and recommendations these individuals feel are most relevant for studying and managing B&B Complex resources.

We have developed an initial list of five or six people that we consider "key" individuals for representing B&B Complex management issues and options. Three of these people, Bill Hagenstein, Jerry Franklin, and Karen Coulter, have currently agreed to be profiled. Permission is being sought from the others as well, and additional webpages will be produced as permission is gained. In the months and years to come, other individuals will also likely emerge or be indentified as critical to our understanding or managment of B&B resources.

Karen Coulter is an environmental activist best known for her work as co-Director of the Blue Mountain Biodiversity Group. The organization has built a national reputation for challenging timber sales on federal lands in estern Oregon, including sales within and adjacent to the B&B Complex. She is the author of Reframing the Forest Management to End Forest Destruction.

Jerry Franklin is an internationally-renowned forest scientist from the University of Washington, in Seattle, Washington. His specialties include old-growth Douglas-fir forests and federal forest policy. On June 30, 2004, Dr. Franklin led a tour of the B&B Complex in which he presented his thoughts and ideas on ecological and management issues associated with the burn, and led discussions at a number of locations within the fire's boundaries.

Bill (William D.) Hagenstein headed the IFA (Industrial Forest Association) for more than 30 years from its Portland, Oregon headquarters. He is known regionally for his work with the Keep Oregon Green Association and nationally for his work with the Society of American Foresters. Hagenstein has taken two tours of the B&B Complex during the past (2004) summer, including a well-documented field trip on September 15.


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